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Affordable, predictable solar electricity to power East African businesses

Tired of paying high electricity bills?

Why go with Sawa Energy?

Pay 10-30% less for your electricity

Sawa Energy will provide you with on-site generation of solar energy, and guarantee you stable energy prices that are 10-30% lower than the utility.
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No upfront costs and 
headache free

Sawa covers all costs to build the on-site solar system and manages all aspects of the operation and maintenance of the system, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses to 0. This enables you to start saving risk-free and headache-free.

Reduces diesel generator costs

If the grid goes down and you use your generator, solar will continue to produce energy, greatly reducing your diesel costs.

Renewable energy for a healthy planet

By having your own on-site energy generation, you can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 600 tons per site!

Get to know us

Begin saving with Sawa Energy 
in 3 easy steps


Schedule a call 

On an initial call, we will learn more about your energy needs and see if you could be a good fit for our services


On-site visit

We will send an energy specialist to your premises to assess project viability and determine the best location for your solar system


Get your new tariff

We provide you with a custom offer, enabling you to enjoy affordable, renewable energy for up to 35 years. Together, we will set a connection date to enable you to start saving!

Energy Efficiency Consultation
Solar Panel Installation

Ready to start saving?

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How it works

Solar panels complement the power from the grid. Day or night, peak or off-peak, you will always get the lowest price.

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Client Testimonials

"We are very happy with our solar system! It was installed quickly and professionally and enables us to go green, reduce diesel consumption and save money with no upfront costs. We want more solar panels!"

Head of Procurement at MTN

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Our on the ground engineering partners

Other partners

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