Sawa Energy Supply

Palm Kernel Shell is one of the waste products from palm oil mills that are currently widely used as an alternative material to supplement coal. With the ability to be stored in the heat for a long time, Palm Kernel Shell is an excellent for alternative biomass fuel.

With its natural, low carbon and sulfur substances, Shells Palm Oil into the right replacement for coal alternatives are already widely used for industries.

Countries European countries and China began issuing policies carbon emissions and exhaust gases in the air, they will impose sanctions for companies exceeding the threshold of carbon, as well as for companies that comply with regulations regarding carbon emissions will get incentives such as tax reduction or easily export.



Supply sourced from three different locations:

  • Dumai , Riau
  • Jambi¬†South Sumatra
  • Batulicin , Kalimantan Selaan

Contract Detail:

  • Stock : 40,000 tons per month
  • Packaging : Bulk or packaged in sacks @ 50 kg
  • Payment : Barge SKBDN FOB / FOB Vessel
  • Insurance : As FOB Barge
  • Contract : 1 year , based on the reviews per 3 month


  • Barge Bulk transported by barges to the destination port
  • Mother Vessel Transported by boat from the nearest port vessel
  • Combination When the location Vessel can not move closer to the shallow harbor


  • Barges FOB / FOB Vessel Insurance until the goods are loaded in the Barge or Vessel
  • Port to warehouse¬†Insurance losses from the port of origin to the warehouse

Green. Renewable. Sustainable.